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Today, it is very easy to find people who will work for you and your company to provide web creation services through designing and developing a business website.

However, choosing the right designer is still a task that involves researching well, viewing sample work for expertise, analyzing and identifying the workloads developers can manage, their work style, and delivery speed.

At BIAB, We develop state-of-the-art web services, mobile applications, or all types of business and organization needs. We provide the best internet solutions for companies, institutions, and individuals who adopt new creative ideas.

Building web applications with the latest technology

We work with a number of technologies and programming languages that ensure the development of fast, scalable and expandable applications, we seek to use the latest technologies and experience different programming languages to choose the right fit for each project.

Provide comprehensive solutions to improve site performance

We provide and implement comprehensive plans to improve and develop existing sites, including site inspection, software problem solving, site speed and performance improvement, compatibility with browsers and search engines.

Developing web services and managing databases

In all projects, we seek to design and develop databases that are compatible with best practices in database management, including the use of primary and sub-keys, non-repeating information, reduced volume, and improved performance.

Technologies We Use

We work with out-of-home partners to provide hosting and domain booking when the customer needs it.

Techniques used in the design and development of web applications include: Java, PHP, ASP.NET, Python, HTML/DHTML/XHTML, HTML5, XML, XSLT, CSS3, JavaScript, MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle SQL, jQuery, JSON, AJAX, Photoshop, WordPress, API

Graphic design and its role in the web design process

When deciding to design your website, it is essential that you consider the factors such as layout, quality of the content, and the aesthetics of the website.

However, graphic design should be just as important as web design. The first things that a visitor notices on a website are the graphics and it is because of them that the reader is enticed to read the text. BIAB is one of the fast-growing web development companies that deliver professional branding solutions in Nigeria.

A designer must bring the graphics and web design together to create an eye-catching website that can keep visitors’ attention and force them to return to the websites. The layouts of the web page, site plan, and content are directly related to the graphic design, therefore the images should be as important as the other factors of web design. You should always hire a professional graphics agency to get the right graphics for your site.

Let’s see how the graphic design is linked to different factors of the web design – Home Page- Being the first and most essential web page of the website, the graphic design on this page should be very eye-catching and useful. So it’s important to have images that are both compelling and informative enough to keep the interest of the visitors.

Content– It is the content that speaks about your business, products, services, and work, but visitors may find it boring to read lengthy content. To make it attractive, the web design must be such that readers are required to read the content using attractive graphics. With the right graphics and content, you can create your own website and take your business to new heights.

Brand Reputation: Good graphic design that is part of the web design can enhance the reputation of the company and its brand. The graphics such as logos lead to the construction of brand identity and status building and therefore they must be carefully designed.


We are happy to be the central point of contact for your domain name, website and e-mail. So you know directly who call igv problems. We monitor our servers 24/7 to achieve an uptime of +99%. If you wish, you will receive a clear report every month.


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