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Why you should advertise your Business Online

There is a common saying that doing business without advertising is like winking in the dark, you know what you are you doing, but no one else does. Advertising can then be is liken to the local church bell in the village, though everyone in the village know where the church is and time for the church services, but the church don’t fail to ring the bell when it is time for church service. (Reminding all that the church still exists).

We may not be able to help you decide on the platforms with which to advertise your business online, but we will however be helping you to set up your adverts online from any of the platforms ranging from Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, True caller, etc.

Below are the reasons why you should advertise your business online and there is no other company than Business in a Box that will help you set up all your advertising needs.

  1. Connects you with your clients/customers

Advertising your business online will help connect you with people who needs your products and services. Your prospective clients and customers will not know about your offerings until you put your products and services in channels where they are found and spend most of their time.

Simply put, the first step to making a sale is creating awareness, so you would want to advertise in the places where everyone’s eyes are. Products exist to alleviate a person’s pain point and to improve their quality of life. Advertising therefore allows you to remind consumers of their unmet needs, at the same time positioning your business to meet that need.


  1. Ability to use different advertising formats

When it comes to advertising, there are different segment of audience and each have what appeals to them. For instance, some may like videos, while others may like text. So advertising online gives you the opportunity to adopt different advertising formats that will appeal to your target audience. If your product or service is for middle-aged adults and older for instance, you can use Facebook text/video, but if your ads primarily rely on visual aesthetics, then you should use Instagram or Pinterest.

  1. Advertising drives targeted traffic to your site

The goal of advertising online is to drive traffic to your website/landing page or foot traffic to your brick and mortal store. And adverts that drives the desired traffic must be such that converts when they are properly set up. Setting up adverts online can be overwhelming if not done properly, hence the need to hire professionals like Business in a box to help your business set up her adverts.


  1. Advertising generates more sales

What matters most at the end of any advertising campaign is whether or not it can turn engagement into sales for your business. You will be happy to know that online advertising has proven to be a successful sales channel for most businesses.


  1. High return on Investment (ROI)

Advertising online no doubt yields higher return on investment compared to other forms of traditional advertising like Television, Radio, Newspapers, etc. For instance, Ten Thousand Naira spent on google ads will most likely yield greater results than same amount spent on radio advertising.

  1. Online Advertising gives insight about your customers

The beauty of advertising online is that it does not only help build brand awareness or generate sales, it also gives you an insight on the prospects that are engaging with your adverts. For instance, you will be able to know the state/country where your customers are engaging from, their operating system, age range etc. having such insights will help you tailor your offerings or your advert message that will resonate more with your target audience.


Advertising online has become the route to economic growth for most businesses, but advertising online is challenging and overwhelming particularly for none technical persons, as they can easily get drowned in the sea of links that the internet has become today.

It then behooves on forward thinking businesses to hire digital marketing experts that will help them set up their advertising needs, and there is no better company than Business in a box that is so poised to seeing businesses succeed, by offering them revolutionary business solutions initiatives.

You can take advantage of all the company has to offer by visiting or send a mail to right now.


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