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Instagram allows users to take photos or videos with their mobile phone camera then apply filters to the photos to give them a certain look. Instagram is business-friendly and one of the best social media platforms to promote your business today.




As people get more and more into social media, you need to keep up with the trends.

One of these is Instagram ads. If you need help to run ads on Instagram for your business, so it can be seen by millions of people online! Then BIAB is your best plug.

Why run ads on Instagram?

Running ads on Instagram is a great way to target your audience. As you may know, there are three ways to do this:

– geo-targeting (targeting people in specific locations) – interest targeting (targeting people based on their interests) and lastly – lookalike audiences (finding new customers who resemble your current customers).

Geo-targeting is great for local businesses. For example, if your store is located in Lagos and you want to target people who live there or visit often, geo-targeting will be a good option for you. If not, then interest targeting may be more suitable because it can help put your product in front of people who are interested in what you have to offer, even if they don’t live or visit your location often.

Lastly, lookalike audiences can help grow your business because it means finding new customers based on how similar they are to the ones that already buy from you – so why not try them? If nothing else, it’s a great experiment to run and see how successful you can be.

How many users on Instagram in 2021?

-The number of global Instagram users is projected to grow from 400 million in 2018 to 800 million by 2020.

How much money can you make with Instagram ads?

There are a few ways that businesses can use Instagram Ads, but the most popular are: Stories and Feed Ad Buys. The CPM for both types of ads on Instagram varies depending on the country and platform you’re advertising on.

-Instagram ads CPMs in the US are $14 for Stories Ad Buys, and up to a whopping $25-$30 for Feed Ad Buys

How do you advertise on Instagram?

– You can create an ad, then upload it like any other photo or video. When your followers see it in their feeds, they’ll be able to swipe up and learn more about what’s being advertised


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