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How to Design and Print Your Own ID Cards

Your ID Card in most cases is not just a means of identifying you, it also goes a long way in telling the personality of your business.  Having an ID card that stands you out and projects your business in a good light, requires that close attention be paid to the design process and the quality of printing.

Sadly, but truthfully, not everyone have all it takes to meet up with this requirement in terms of design skills and high tech printing equipment that produces high quality results, hence Business in a box can help you to lift the heavy burden by helping you design and print quality ID Cards, and all you simply have to do is to click here to get started:

So are you ready to save money or do you have what it takes to start printing your own ID cards? Here is a brief rundown of what you will need, besides a computer or laptop, to start printing your own ID cards if you have the budget to do your own printing.

ID Card Printer

There are a wide variety of ID card printers that will suit a variety of needs from basic single-sided printing, printers that also encode magnetic stripes, printers that add a layer of laminate over the top of your card, and more.

ID Card Software

You can print ID cards from almost any application, including Microsoft Word and Photo-Shop. The benefit of using ID card software is that, in addition to card design features, you will be able to store cardholder data records.

Printer Supplies & Consumables

You will need a ribbon for your printer, PVC cards to print on, and a printer cleaning kit to keep your printer running smoothly.

ID Badge Accessories

Have you thought about how your cards will be worn? There are many options for how to display an ID badge, including lanyards, retractable badge reels, badge holders and badge clips.

The big question is, why should you make the heavy investments and pass through the tedious process of trying to print your own ID cards when you have design experts, that can design and print your ID Cards with the best quality materials and yet at the best price you cannot beat.

Why not Business in a box( the revolutionary business solutions initiatives experts) allow them do all the heavy lifting and get you started designing and printing your ID Card, if you simply click the add to cart button to get started.


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