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Why your Business needs email marketing solutions

According to research findings by Radicati, more than 3.9 billion as at early 2019 are using emails and the number has increased greatly ever since. It will be surprising then, to say the least, if a business that wants to improve on their bottom line is still wondering why they should need or adopt a business email marketing solution.

Email marketing through time has continued and remained a powerful marketing tool and a way to connect and reach out to clients and customers. Adopting email marketing solutions for businesses will therefore help every forward-thinking business to tailor their communication with clients and customers with regards to prospecting, order fulfillment, feedback, enquires, announcements/promotions, etc.

If you are yet to start using email marketing for your business, you may be losing out a lot on the table, but you can get started right here:

If you are still wondering why you need an email marketing solution for your business, here are the reasons why:

It helps in Customer Acquisition

When it comes to customer acquisition, emails are far more effective than social media, as you can easily set up an opt-in form on your site to capture the email addresses of your site visitors and then market or promote your products or services to them. Social Media may be a great channel for interacting with your audience and strengthening your personal relationships with them, but when it comes to customer acquisition, an email marketing solution remains the best alternative

Email marketing is Economic and Cost-Effective

Email marketing allows business owners to reach a large number of consumers at a rate of nearly nothing per message, thereby making it easy, effective, and inexpensive.

For small-business owners on a budget, this makes it a better choice than traditional marketing channels like TV, radio, or direct mail. Even with the explosion of all sorts of new technology and social networks, businesses are still using emails to market, as email marketing is the channel that is generating the highest ROI for businesses, compared to traditional marketing efforts where printing, postage etc. can take up a lot of cost. With emails, you are still able to create the same imagery with the added benefit of having follow-up information instantly available with one click to your website.

Emails are Personal and Customisable

With email marketing, you have the opportunity to segment your audience into lists and sending each list a message that is relevant and such that resonates with them and provides values.

For instance, when you write a post for one of your social media channels, you address your audience as a whole, but by using your email marketing solution, it allows you to address people individually by name, segment certain topics only for certain members of your list and your message will then eventually arrive privately in their personal inbox.

More so, email marketing is important for building relationships with prospects, leads, current customers, and even past customers because it gives you a chance to speak directly to them, in their inbox, at a time that is convenient for them.

Email is Action Oriented

Email is transactional by nature as it does not only direct traffic to your website and ultimately drive sales, it also comes with the action of reply, forwarding, click-through, sign up, etc.

So as a business, adopting an email marketing strategy will produce immediate results for your business, as you can set up email automations or send out newsletters for instance.

According to research findings by Experian, a top marketing company, transactional emails have 8x more opens and clicks than any other type of email and can generate 6x more revenue.

Results are Measurable

Email marketing takes away the guesswork, as email marketing solutions have in-built analytics that enables you to track the open rate of emails sent for instance.

You can easily get a picture of how your email campaigns are performing, make adjustments and improve their effectiveness. Email marketing metrics are important to remember as you monitor and measure your internet marketing strategy as a whole.


Your business needs a marketing solution that is cost effective and such that offers actionable metrics, and business in a box offers such solutions and much more. You can get started with your business email marketing solutions right here:


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