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All you need to know about Business card design, printing, and cost in Nigeria.

Designing and printing your Business cards is one of the first steps towards branding your business. So no matter the industry or type of business you are into, your business card is a fundamental marketing material that has the potential and power to bring new business opportunities (increase sales) if you utilize them correctly.

But when it comes to how to design and print business cards in Nigeria, many businesses get it wrong, as they always put little or no effort in designing and printing the types of business cards that will make their business card and by extension, their business stand out.

So we will be taking the stress off you in this post by helping you highlight what a well-designed business card should look like and also how we can help you print your business card in Nigeria at the best price.

At we work with our clients who are looking to design and print their business cards that will stand their business out, as we have a team of talented designers and print experts to advice and help you come up with the best design concepts and use the best of printing technology to print business cards that reflects the personality of your brand.

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In this write up, we will be looking at the important elements of good business cards,  as we will be also be highlighting the design and print process. While it might be good to state that designing and printing a business card entails nothing more than creating an astonishing design, it is however important to remember that the goal of every branding effort is to reflect your brand.

Key elements of a good business card design

To make a business card stand out, the business card should at least capture the following design processes.

Choose A Size & Shape

Naturally, business cards come in a standard size and shape; which is mostly a rectangular design (either horizontal or vertical) which is roughly 3.5″ by 2″ in diameter. So it is very important that you don’t use an oversized or undersized card in the designing and printing of your business card.

Set Up Your File

Setting up your file for a print design (i.e. business cards) varies a little from a web project as there are a few extra things that you need to think about.

You need to make sure you make provision and account for bleed and trim in your design. This is to ensure that your finished business card turns out as planned and that there are no unexpected white lines or text cut-offs.

Know What Information To Include

The primary purpose of any business card is to give prospective clients/customers to contact information related to your business. There is always the temptation of getting carried away with the information to include, as many designers just include any type of information on the business card. This no doubt can be very confusing and in most cases will make the card to appear clustered and ugly.

As a general rule of thumb though, all business cards should contain the following information:

  • Name
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • Website URL

Optional extras include:

  • Twitter handle
  • Facebook URL
  • Address
  • Slogan
  • Job title

Make Sure The Design Is Unique

If you really want to create a lasting impression with your business card, you need to make sure that your design is unique. Obviously, almost any business card design will be unique, but the more unique and ‘branded’ you can make your card, the more of an impact it is likely to have on the recipient.

You should therefore let your own personality and design style drive the design. For instance, if you are a simple person, your design should reflect that. And if you are a vibrant, energetic and colorful person, it would make sense to create a colorful and impressive business card.

Make Use Of A Fun Concept

Making use of a fun design concept is another way to ensure that your business card is unique and makes a lasting impression. The fun concepts in business card design though requires a little bit of creativity, so you must be willing to allow the creative juice to flow when designing your business card and integrating the fun concept to it. You can create a business card around literally any concept you can think of, so long as it represents your brand.

Use A QR Code

The whole point of your business card is to introduce a potential customer/client to your business and also, to provide them with the necessary contact details in the hope that they will contact you and hire your services (or buy a product from you).

The problem is, a business card doesn’t contain much information about your business in general. It is for this reason that most modern day business cards will feature a web address so that the prospective client/customer can find out more information about your business and what you do, but since most people don’t easily visit a website, you can integrate a QR code, which is a scannable code into your business card designs, which allows recipients of your business cards to quickly access your website and view more information about your business.

Don’t Use Borders & Ensure Readable Text

When designing your business card, you should avoid the use of borders in your designs, as they will always give issues during the printing process.

It is also important to ensure that any text on the card is readable. As in most cases, the text on the business card designs may look large when you are designing it on your computer screen but when printed, they come out small, as business cards are notoriously small, so make sure the font sizes are large enough when designing.

We have in this write up highlighted all the elements of a good business card, while designing them for printing. Though this is a very key and important knowledge to have, but when it comes to designing and printing business cards in Nigeria that are of top quality and at the best price, there is only one company that can guarantee you the best price and best quality with excellent customer support.

When it comes to business card design and printing in Nigeria, Business in a box is the go to place for top businesses all over the country. You can join the crop of elite businesses who are using their business cards as a marketing material to brand their business.

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