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How to Install your WordPress Blog and Prices in Nigeria

Have you always wanted to start a WordPress blog and don’t know how to go about it or you are concerned about the price? There is no doubt that starting a blog can be very terrifying if you are not a technical person or if price is of big concern to you. If this is your situation, you do not have to worry, as we will in this guide take you through the process of installing and designing your WordPress blog and also recommend the best company, that has helped over 1000 businesses and individuals get started with their blog journey and they will do it for you at the best price.

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It does not matter if you have any technical skills or not, as we will be guiding you through the process of installing and designing your WordPress blog.

Before you could get started with your WordPress blog installation and design, there are three basic things you must have in place.

Domain name: Your domain name is your internet real estate address. This is what will identify you online and it can be anything ranging from to

Hosting plan: Your hosting is the “Land” upon which you will build your internet house. In other words, your hosting is what will house your domain, files, programs and codes that will serve as your website.

A bit of free time: Getting started with your blog requires that you have at least 30 minutes daily or weekly to work on your blog.

So are you ready to get started in your WordPress blog journey? Then pay attention to the following steps:

Set up

Install WordPress

Choose a theme

Install plugins

Create your first blog post

Optimize your posts

Website Set up

The biggest mistake many people make when it comes to setting up their blog is choosing the wrong platform, but since you are reading this, it means you are on the right platform as 95% of users now use WordPress, so the first step in installing and designing your WordPress blog is to choose the right platform. And the beauty of WordPress is that it is free and it enables you to install plugins and customize your blog designs.

Install WordPress

It is very important that you have chosen WordPress as the platform for your blog, the next step is to install WordPress. There are some hosting plans that automatically install WordPress in your hosting account. You can also login to directly from your browser and follow the online instruction and have WordPress installed.

Choose a Theme

With WordPress installed, the next step is to choose a theme, as the theme is what will add beauty to your site and not just the installation of WordPress. There are so many free and premium themes you can choose from. It all depends on what you want to achieve with your blog, but since you are just starting out with your blogging journey, you can choose from any of the free themes that your WordPress installation comes with and you can upgrade to a premium theme afterwards.

Install plugins

Plugins are tools that makes your WordPress blog function smoothly, so it is very important that you install the relevant plugins that will bring out the beauty of your site. For instance, you will need a plugin that will help your posts to get indexed quickly by search engines or plugins to help with post editing. WordPress have a repository of free plugins, all you simply have to do is to login to your WordPress dashboard (, then

Click on plugin

Click on add new

Use the search bar to type name of the plugin

Click on install

Click on activate

Click on setting to set up the plugin

Then you have it and your new plugin is ready for use.

Write your first blog post

By this time, you have set up your platform, you have install WordPress, you have chosen a theme and have installed the relevant plugins, now is the time to write your first blog post. Writing your blog post is the essence of you starting your blog, so with all the above steps in place, so go ahead to write your first post.

Optimize your post

Congratulations, you have successfully written and published your first post. You have to take your blogging journey further, it is now time to use SEO plugins like Yoast SEO or Rank Math to optimize your posts as this will help search engines to index your posts quickly.

We have been able to pass you through the process of installing and designing your WordPress blog, but you don’t necessary have to go through the process, not minding if you have the technical skills or not, as there is a digital media agency that is geared to help you lift the heavy burdens and help you get started in your blogging journey.

Business in a Box is a revolutionary business solutions initiative with all the right tools that will help you get started quickly and easily.

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